Mario Cruz

Postdoctoral Associate

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the image analyst team and a curious microscopist with cell biology and immunology background. I want to help scientists in the process of seeing numbers behind...

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Barbara Diaz-Rohrer

Barbara Diaz-Rohrer

Postdoctoral Associate

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the image analyst team. I have a background in biochemistry and cell biology. I am passionate about using objective quantitative methods to obtain meaningful data...

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Fernanda Garcia Fossa

Visiting Graduate Student - University of Campinas, Brazil

I'm a graduate student in Cell Biology at the University of Campinas (Brazil). My background is in cell biology and biochemistry. My passion for image analysis began when trying to help colleagues...

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Melissa Gillis

Visiting Undergraduate Student

I am an undergraduate studying Biomedical Engineering at Boston University. I'm a research assistant working with the image analyst team to develop a pixel classification pipeline for collagen fibers...

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Nodar Gogoberidze

Nodar Gogoberidze

Software Engineer

My background and education, through to my master's degree, has been centered at the intersection of Software Engineering and Data Science. I'm excited by the application of research and innovation in...

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Alana MacMahon

Imaging Platform Administrative Assistant

I am an environmental engineering graduate from the University of Southern California with a minor in entrepreneurship. I am interested in science, technology, and project management. Originally from...

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Levin Moser

Visitng Graduate Student - ETH Zurich

I’m a graduate student in Computer Science from ETH Zurich. My passion is to develop great tools for biologists and help to make image analysis better and easier. I’m excited to combine Software...

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Andrea Papaleo

Andréa Papaleo

Software Engineer

It is my goal as a Software Engineer to help create new tools which are easy to use and readily available for the larger scientific community.


Suganya Sivagurunathan

Postdoctoral Associate

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the image analyst team. My background is in cell biology and I am trying to interpret microscopic images as numbers in order to better understand the biological data...

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